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We offer more than 125 academic areas to ignite your interests. 所以,去吧,把世界点燃吧. 我们会点燃火花的.


Whether you’re the first in your family to go to college, haven’t been in school for a while or are working on an advanced degree, UMKC让你做你自己. 超过15个,000名学生, 认识新朋友很容易, try new things and explore new places on campus and around Kansas City. We’ve got a lot going on, and when you come here, you get to decide what your experience looks like.






How can you change the world when you're tied down with student debt? You're here to learn to break new ground; not break the bank.



More than 95 percent of our first-year students and 87 percent of our transfer students receive 金融援助 他们每年都参加UMKC. +, all eligible residents of the United States can qualify for in-state tuition and fees under our 鲁国奖学金.


Pell Grant-eligible students at UMKC

Qualifying Pell Grant-eligible students go to UMKC for free. 那是因为我们 Roo Advantage奖学金 covers the gap between scholarship and grants and any remaining tuition and fees.


First in their family to go to college

第一总务室 gives first-gen students the support they need to make the most out of their time at UMKC. The Center for First-Generation Student Success recognizes UMKC as a First Gen Forward school.



我们的广泛的 校友网络 and central location gives you opportunities to make connections, intern and even work with some of the region’s top organizations. 另外,我们的 职业生涯自动扶梯 can give you a leg up in your career.

UMKC student shown from the back wearing a Go Roos jersey and waving to the other side of Kauffman Stadium where the Royals play

UMKC Gets Grand Slam with Royals Partnership

New three-year partnership with Royals is a home run for UMKC students, alumni and community.
Built around student-success programs, the partnership offers additional opportunities for alumni and campus and community engagement. 有了这个消息, Kansas City’s top university is now a proud higher education partner of all four major professional sports teams in Kansas City — the Royals, 堪萨斯城洋流, Sporting KC and the Kansas City Chiefs.


Kansas City is a great place to study sports law. With the growth the city has seen and all the new teams we’re getting, there are lots of opportunities here.



KC Roo looks happy to be standing in front of the sign for the Kansas City Zoo & 在动物园日的Roos水族馆. He makes the RooUp hand sign with one of is paws.


在堪萨斯城动物园享受一天的时光 & 和其他袋鼠一起的水族馆.
Help celebrate UMKC's nearly 100-year-old partnership with the Kansas City Zoo & 5月19日,周日,水族馆. Show your UMKC ID and get 20% off entry.

将事件添加到日历中 KC Roo的演变


从舞台中央到球场中央, there's always something exciting happening on campus and around Kansas City.



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